Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services in Montrose, CO

Veterinary Services

At Alta Vista Animal Hospital, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. Our compassionate, skillful veterinary staff are here to help when you need us most. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Pet Dentistry

Your favorite friend deserves the best in dental care. Just like humans, pets need to have their teeth and gums cleaned as often as possible. This is key to maintaining good oral health and improving their overall wellbeing.

Our pets are our best friends, but they are great at hiding mouth pain and discomfort. We recommend regular dental exams for your pet to prevent tartar buildup, check for loose teeth, examine mouth sores, and stop the onset of periodontal disease. This last item is especially important, as unchecked periodontal disease can seriously damage your pet’s internal organs.

We have a well-established dentistry practice at Alta Vista: licensed vets, modern dental equipment, dental radiology, and an In-House Pharmacy for convenient prescriptions.

In addition, we perform professional dental exams using anesthesia. It’s the best way to ensure a thorough examination of your pet’s teeth and gums without causing them undue pain. Less pain for your pet means less anxiety for you. Rest assured that we will make keep your beloved pet safe and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

If you’re looking for professional dental care for your pet, come visit us at Alta Vista Animal Hospital. We’re ready to meet you and welcome you into our pet family.

Give us a call if you have any questions about dental care for your pet or are ready to schedule an appointment.

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Pet Surgery

Alta Vista Animal Hospital is proud to serve pets in the Montrose, CO area that need surgical treatment. We understand that surgery can be a stressful experience for pets and pet owners. We provide a high level of veterinary medicine to ensure your pet receives the best care possible.

Our licensed vets have extensive experience in pet surgery. We specialize in:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Soft tissue surgery—removal of foreign bodies, tumors, and masses as well as reconstructive surgery
  • Specialty orthopedic surgery—fractures, bone breaks, and chronic joint conditions

What to expect

At Alta Vista, surgery day is all about you and your pet. We want it to be a pleasant experience with good results, and we take the time to communicate with you before, during, and after the surgical procedure so that you know your pet is in loving hands the entire time.

On the day of surgery, our veterinary technician will keep your pet comfortable in the prep room and conduct all required blood tests and screens prior to surgery.

We follow strict protocols to keep your pet completely safe during the surgery. You are welcome to check in on your pet but we ask that you give us adequate time to complete the procedure. Once the surgery is over we’ll give you a better estimate of your pet’s overall status and let you know when you can pick them up.

When it’s time to discharge your pet we’ll discuss the surgical process and go over how to take care of your pet during the recovery period. You will receive a copy of the discharge orders before you leave, but please let us know if you have any questions when you get home. We’re here to help.

If you think your pet might require surgical treatment, please call us or schedule an appointment today.

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Pet Vaccinations

Keeping your pet on a regular vaccination schedule helps keep them free from illness and disease. New pets especially need to start a vaccination program as soon as possible in their first year of life, followed by booster shots as needed as they grow. Getting the right vaccines early in life also helps new puppies and kittens build immunity to protect themselves from viruses and bacteria.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital offers puppy and kitten vaccination packages to get your fur baby started on a healthy lifestyle. We’ll give your new pet a comprehensive wellness exam during their first visit and customize a pet-friendly vaccine protocol tailored to their specific needs and medical conditions.

With each visit, we get to know your pet inside out. Our goal is for you and your pet to leave Alta Vista feeling better. Staying up-to-date on vaccinations keeps you and your pet healthy and happy.

Parasite Prevention

We recommend starting parasite prevention and de-worming promptly. Puppies are often born with worms and may not exhibit visible symptoms, so it’s important to check for these parasites during the first visit. Early diagnosis can lead to better treatment and faster recovery.

  • De-worming is necessary for hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm
  • Parasite prevention helps with ticks, fleas, mosquitos, and heartworm

We also conduct fecal testing in our in-house laboratory to make sure your pet remains parasite free.

If you have any questions about your pet’s vaccination schedule or need more information on our vaccination packages, please call us.

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Pet Counseling

An estimated sixty percent of cats and fifty-six percent of dogs in the US are overweight or obese, according to Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP). At Alta Vista, we offer effective nutritional advice to help you keep your pet’s weight under control.

We know how much your love your pet, and feeding them yummy treats is just one of the ways you show affection. But sometimes good intentions can lead to an overweight pet. If you have questions about your pet’s weight or nutrition, come meet the Alta Vista pet experts and get effective nutritional counseling.

We’ll work closely with you to develop a nutritional program that meets the specific health and lifestyle needs of your pet. Our counseling sessions focus on the following topics:

  • Overall weight—weighing your pet regularly is important to keep track of significant weight gains or losses. Our vets will also conduct a physical exam and bloodwork testing to rule out any diseases that could be causing weight gain/loss
  • Special diets—we’ll have a candid discussion about how much your pet eats and how often they eat. A diet plan may be necessary to reduce the number of calories in order to maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise—you’ve heard it before, exercise can help shed unwanted pounds. Increasing your pet’s activity and choosing healthy food alternatives goes a long way toward improving their overall well-being and keeping them healthy year-round

Behavioral Counseling

Alta Vista Animal Hospital also provides behavioral counseling for pets. We can help with:

  • Obedience and reinforcement training
  • Housebreaking
  • Anxiety or aggression problems
  • Senior pets—behavioral changes are part of the aging process, but our vets can help determine if your pet’s behavior issues are due to an underlying medical condition

If you are experiencing behavioral problems with your pet or you’re interested in a nutritional counseling session, give us a call or schedule an appointment today.

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Pet In-House Pharmacy

When your pet isn’t feeling well, time is important. At Alta Vista, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of a sick pet. That’s why we have an in-house pharmacy at our animal hospital. We can quickly prescribe and supply pet medications in our veterinary office, which saves you the hassle of having to make another trip to yet another place while your pet is sick.

Benefits of Alta Vista’s In-House Pharmacy

Convenience and accessibility are just some of the reasons why Alta Vista Animal Hospital maintains a professional in-house pharmacy. As your other family doctor, we strongly believe in delivering a higher level of pet medicine and that starts with providing everything pet-related in one place.

While it’s true that online and local pharmacies can dispense pet medications, it’s best to get your pet’s meds from your local veterinarian:

  • Professional prescriptions. Our vets write prescriptions after a thorough exam of your sick pet. At Alta Vista, we know what medications will work for your pet because we know your pet
  • Trustworthy treatment. We guarantee that the medication we prescribe is purchased from reputable vendors and stored under optimum conditions
  • Reliable care. Only the correct medication and dosage are prescribed based on your pet’s needs. And we fully inform you of how to administer the meds and what side effects to be aware of

If you need prescription medication for your pet, please call us for more information.